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Global Leadership Forecast Survey

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Global Leadership Forecast 2021

gain valuable insights about today’s leadership trends with your participation in ddi’s global leadership forecast, in partnership with leading industry analyst josh bersin.

you can also benchmark* your company's leadership practices against some of the world's leading organizations by taking our 15-minute survey and inviting your leaders to participate in the leader survey.

*To qualify, complete the HR survey and enlist at least 30 leaders to complete the leader survey. Leaders of all levels should be encouraged to participate.

Participate in the HR Survey

you need 1 hr professional survey and at least 30 leaders to complete the leader survey to receive a free customized company report comparing your organization’s data to local and global norms. this report is valued at over $50k.

after receiving your completed hr professional survey, we will email you a unique survey link for you to send to leaders at all levels within your organization. please do not ask your leaders to complete the same survey you did, as we will be asking them slightly different questions. only one hr professional per organization needs to participate in this part of the study.

网上开户your responses are always held confidential.


Global Leadership Forecast 2021 - Participant in the Leader survey?auto=format&q=75

Participate in the Leader Survey

you are about to join colleagues from around the world who are sharing their leadership experiences and perspectives with us. your confidential responses will help shape identification of trends about the leader’s role, and what would help you be more successful.


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